Your Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes on Social Media Platforms

As you start to make plans for your social media campaigns for 2016, you need to stay updated on the latest dimensions and formats of images that you should use and post on the different social media platforms. An image of the wrong dimension will affect the effectiveness of your posts.

Jamie Spencer of shared a very useful cheat sheet on this earlier this month!


Video: Undress Me

Just about a week ago, Tatia Pllieva, director of the “First Kiss” video released a sequel called “Undress Me”. Strangers were asked to undress each other and get into bed. It reached a whopping 5 million views in just 1 week!

That’s the end of our video-sharing for this week! 🙂

Video: First Kiss

This week, we are gonna share with you 3 videos on YouTube which share the same concept and have been very successful. They have gained tremendous reach and awareness.

Today, the video is called “First Kiss”. It garnered 86 million views in 4 months!

20 strangers were asked to convene in a blank room, pair up with one another, then kiss for the first time in front of the camera.

8 Addictive Types of Content for Social Media

It is easy to just post something and reach out to your fans and following, but what types of content engages them? What types of content are worth liking and sharing?

Below are 10 content types that are “likeable” and “re-tweetable”.

1. The Mega-List Post
This is a list that collects a wide variety of useful information and compiles it into one post. People love list posts because you save them the trouble of scouring across the web hunting for information (you save them time); they love to share this type of content on social media because of its value that nearly always continues to be passed around.

Top 100 Buzzfeed Recipes I Want to Try
Top 10 Movies of 2013

2. Tutorials
Listen and identify problems that your customers and community are facing and provide them with the answers. You need to post it on a timely manner; a topic you cover may not be “in” at the moment and will result in a smaller impact to your niche.

– How to Fix Common iPhone Problems
– Beginner’s Guide to Skype
3. Reviews
Everyone refers to reviews at one point or another. Be it reviews of a hotel, book, restaurant, etc. It saves people time and help them make a decision faster. Not only that, if you are writing a review, remember to tag the company/brand of the item/service you are reviewing. In this case, they may share your content on their networks, thus increasing it’s reach and virality.

4. Statistics
Such content are short, quantifiable, and memorable. Stats are ready-made “sound bites” that get information across quickly and assertively.  Again, it saves one a whole lot of time instead of having to read through paragraphs and paragraphs of text. If you are able to provide the latest statistics regularly, you will be able to position your company and channel as a knowledge hub, in the forefront of the industry and the to-go-to channel.

50 Fascinating Facebook Facts and Figures

5. Humour
Have no inspiration on what to post today, or you are strapped for time? One easy way is to just post something funny. It can be an image, a joke, etc. People use social media and networking sites, not only for connecting and networking, but also for relaxation and entertainment. Your fans and followers will want to share the humor with their social networks. As long as the humor is inoffensive and relevant to your followers, it can still have a place in professional social-media content.

After Germany’s rout of brazil, jokes fly on Facebook, Twitter
6. Infographics
Providing infographics that simplifies the presentation of complex data and facts and figures are proving to be extremely popular. They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.

Infographics: Why You Need Them
Similar to humour, quotes are lifesaving posts when you run out of ideas. Quotes that are inspirational or motivational make people feel good and more connected with the content – and in turn, with your brand. Don’t feel that your quotes must directly relate to your brand; consider what your followers expect to gain from your brand – creativity, inspiration, productivity, etc. Tip: design a nice image of the quote and place your company logo on it. When it gets shared, people will see your company logo and try to find out more.

8. Interviews with the Who’s Who
People love to follow a-listers in any niche because of their authority, expertise and value-driven content they push to the web. You could tap into each of the a-listers community by reaching out to them for interviews. Every time you conduct an interview you’re not only creating great content for your own community but you’re giving their community something as well! Additionally, once your post goes live you and your interviewee will be able to share the content, on social media, that will make an enormous impact because each person that follows you and your subject will also be willing to share the content, spreading it virally across the web!

An interview with Mark Zuckerberg