How to Make Your First E-Commerce Sale

So you have gotten your web vendor to create a good-looking website for you. The next step is, how do you attract people to come to your website and purchase your products?

The guys at Shopify have created the infographic below showing some of the awesome techniques you can use to make your first e-commerce sale.


What Color should your Corporate Logo be?

A recent article on Social Media Today shares about how the color choices of your logo translates into the personality of your brand or company. Refer to the color chart below:

colors, logos, branding
Well, based on the chart, our turquoise Socialosophy logo depicts that we are trustworthy, dependable, strong, wealthy and prestigious!  🙂

It is very important that we do not base our choices just on personal preferences, here are some other common colors and what they signify.

  • Blue: Trust, dependability, and strength.
  • Red: Action and energy; can elicit a passionate response, but also aggression.
  • Yellow: Optimism, positivity, motivation, warmth.
  • Green: Nature and serenity. Can imply good health. Lighter greens = more peaceful. Deeper greens signify wealth or prestige.
  • Purple: Creativity, mysterious, sophisticated.
  • Orange: Energy, friendliness, confidence.
  • Pink: Femininity, excitement, romance, and youthfulness. Light pink has sentimental tones, hot pink has high energy.
  • Brown: Dependability, simplicity. Associated with nature, strength.

To read the full article on Social Media Today, click here.