Your Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes on Social Media Platforms

As you start to make plans for your social media campaigns for 2016, you need to stay updated on the latest dimensions and formats of images that you should use and post on the different social media platforms. An image of the wrong dimension will affect the effectiveness of your posts.

Jamie Spencer of shared a very useful cheat sheet on this earlier this month!


26 Things to Note Before You Start on a Website Project

Many a times, the first question that a prospective client asks us is, “How much do you charge for a website?”. The problem is, to them, every website is more or less the same. But to us, 2 website projects can vary a lot in many ways. And with that, the price will vary too. Below are just some of the many questions that we will need to discuss before we can provide an accurate pricing.

Domain & Hosting
– Do you want a .com, or .sg domain
– What kind of hosting plan do you need
– How many email accounts do you need
– What type of website is it, corporate, e-commerce
– Any design preferences and do you want to incorporate parallax scrolling
– Do you need stock photos

– How many products do you have
– Are there extra features that you require, such as live chat, contact form, maps
– Do you want to integrate social media, google analytics, google webmaster, SEO component, etc

The infographic from Pixaal below illustrates 26 things which you should note and discuss with your website agency. We are not those run-of-the-mill agencies where we just provide you with a fixed package. Every business has different needs, branding and positioning. A website is the digital store front of that business, you need to get a good agency to help you build that! For interested parties, you can email us at: to have a chat!
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24 Facts That Will Help You With Your Facebook Strategy

With Facebook’s ever changing algorithm, it has caused your Facebook posts to reach out to a reducing number of your fans. This leaves page owners who wants to boost the exposure of their posts to have to pay to advertise on Facebook. If not, they will have to work extra hard  in order to maintain or increase the organic reach of their posts (the number of people who sees their posts without having to pay to advertise).

The key to improving a page’s reach is for the fans to like, comment and share your posts! This infographic by Linchpin SEO illustrates 24 stat highlights that can help you achieve higher organic reach success!

facebook-infographic-stats-digital marketing-social media