6 Ways to Avoid Fake Likes on Facebook


If you advertise on Facebook, there is a good chance you would have seen many likes generated from dubious and possibly fake accounts. This is not a recent problem. Facebook started carrying out deleting of fake accounts exercises since 2012 in a bid to clean up the social network. Zynga’s Texas Holdem page lost 96,000 likes in a single day; Lady Gaga lost 31,700 “fans” in the same period…

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Your Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes on Social Media Platforms

As you start to make plans for your social media campaigns for 2016, you need to stay updated on the latest dimensions and formats of images that you should use and post on the different social media platforms. An image of the wrong dimension will affect the effectiveness of your posts.

Jamie Spencer of MakeAWebsiteHub.com shared a very useful cheat sheet on this earlier this month!


Facebook Ads Targeting Options

Planning to advertise on Facebook. When creating an ad, you’ll need to target your ad based on your target audience’s location and demographics like age, gender and interests. You can even target your ad to people based on what they do on and off Facebook. You can choose from one or a combination of targeting options that suit your business’s needs, while helping you reach the people you care about.

If you think this is just too much work, Socialosophy is always available to help you with it!


Why aren’t you seeing Batman’s Facebook posts anymore?

Have you noticed your Facebook posts no longer reach out to all your fans anymore? You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s organic reach decline or experienced it yourself. “Organic reach decline” simply means Facebook Page posts are becoming less visible in Fans’ News Feeds, which translates to fewer clicks, comments, and shares. And fewer of those interactions mean fewer conversions, leads, and customers.

Many will say that this is because Facebook just wants brands and companies to pay for the ads. Whereas Facebook on the other hand says that they are trying to ensure Facebook users will see more relevant posts that interest them. Think about it, if you didn’t want to see the posts from a particular Page, why would you like the Page in the first place?!

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Your fans will not ignore you with these 8 Facebook status update types

Do you sometimes wonder if your Facebook fans saw your posts?

Truth is, it is likely only 10% of your fans saw it! With Facebook’s ever changing algorithm, it is getting more and more difficult for our posts to be seen by all our fans (unless we pay for advertising of course)! Facebook is also very open about this, their policy is, they would not show everything to everyone, they want to moderate it so as to ensure people see the most relevant and high quality content.

So, what makes a post high quality? The more likes, comments and shares your posts receive the higher quality Facebook will deem it to be and the more of your fans will see it.

Here are 8 ideas from Post Planner, that can help you to achieve more likes, shares and comments.

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